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Ever wondered why top players always get their resources so quickly and easily?  Ever wanted to be one of them? There is no magic behind this – all of those players use clash royale hacks. And guess what? All of them would tell you that gem generators are fake, not to save your time but to discourage you from getting an edge and using their secret weapon! This is why we’ve made this generator – to help you effortlessly gain resources.

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Clash Royale Gems

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Clash Royale HacksFree Clash Royale Gems HacksEverything You Need To Know About Clash Royale

Listen up ye uninitiated to the land of PVP fights, this is it – the ultimate “Clash”; a real-time card game played at breakneck speed to collect as many cards as possible and wreak havoc on your adversaries –  the ultimate battle of wits and strategy. Get ready to be mesmerised by the royals, the knights in shining armour, the beautiful princesses, the cute baby dragons and many more interesting characters. You have the power to decimate and annihilate your enemies and build your army and win trophies, crowns and ultimately glory. Those of you who have already played the Clash of Clans will be familiar with most of the characters in Clash Royale.

In this game, players have to try to destroy the three towers that include the opponent’s king’s tower while protecting their own. During the battle, players win crowns which can win them crown chests; more chests mean more cards, more troops, and more spells and defences. With each level, a different set of cards with more powers and skills get unearthed. As you progress via multiple arenas to reach the top experiencing many a heart thumping and nail biting finish, you can form your own clan with whom you can share cards and have friendly duels too. This game can be downloaded freely from iTunes or Google Play store for other mobiles.

Your must-know Clash Royale lexicon is right here:


This is the battleground where players fight against each other. Each opponent has three towers of these the middle one is called the king tower. The aim of the entire game is to capture or destroy the opponent’s towers while defending one’s own. For every tower downed the player earns a crown and if the central tower is demolished you win three crowns straight away. There are nine different types of arenas which will open depending on the number of trophies a player has and which in turn is dependent on the player’s progress. Training Arena and Goblin Stadium do not require any trophies while the Legendary Arena requires the maximum trophies.


Treasure chests are a must to progress to the next level. These chests contain Cards, Gold and rarely gems. You can earn a chest when you win a combat or can also buy from the in-game shop; but in-game shopping is expensive, wouldn’t you rather just win? A player holds on to only four chests at a time, so it means you let go of them as fast as you earn them.


To fight the battle a player can use only eight cards. The cards can represent troops like the prince, musketeers, the giant or a spell like freeze, arrows and rockets and also buildings like a goblin hut or tesla. Each card has its own advantages and disadvantages. The elixir of each card varies. As more cards are accumulated with each win, cards of the same kind can be joined to get a card of higher standing or gold.


Playing at lightning speed this battle is all about tactics, strategy and metagame. Because the cost to battle is free, players can play for hours on end. The game’s design to not offer currency but trophies stands in good stead because it gives the players a chance to play with strong opponents also thereby enhancing the thrill of the game.

Clash Royale Tips To Play Better and Long

  • The key to a good start is a balanced deck of cards with the correct mix of spells, buildings and troops. A good combination of cards of higher and lower elixir will ensure that you move fast because you can easily let go of a weaker card than any one strong card.
  • Keeping your cool is the key to victory in this battle of wits.
  • Whenever in a tricky situation always try to protect your towers first

Strategies To Improve Your Game!

A great battle can be fought with the right mix of spells, buildings and troops and the use of brilliant tactics to make every card work for you. Let’s look at some strategies to better your game

  • Always ensure that your elixir reads “10” before you start your modus operandi
  • Protecting your troops from attackers is paramount.
  • When it seems certain that your tower is about to fall, do not waste energy trying to save it but move your troops away from it.
  • If your opponents deploy a knight or a giant destroy them right away because they can singlehandedly wipe out your towers.
  • Finally the most important and crucial step is to place the right card at the right time in the right location to ensure success.
  • Making calculated attacks will ensure victory.

To progress and achieve success, players literally have to get into the minds of their opponents to gauge their next move before they can make their own move. This is a mind game wherein your opponent will try to derail you with jibes and snide remarks; be tolerant such comments and remember it is a game at the end of the day. A good player strategizes in garnering the right deck of cards before plunging into attack mode. Alternatively, you can try clash royale private server to test new strategies and access new possibilities.

Clash Royale Hack & Gems for the Win!

Clash Royale is an addictive game with the perfect blend of combat, cards, spells, the good and the bad, superb graphics and perceptive controls. In this metagame every card has its place and its importance defined. There is a perfect balance of cards where every deck is different and unique from the others maintaining the challenge and the interest all the time. A few drawbacks to be noted are that a defender has undue advantage because the player can see the attacker’s card before making his own move. Another bone of contention is their monetization which has come under severe criticism. Barring these two issues Clash Royale is a complete package that enthrals and thrills all the way testing your wits right till the very end.

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