Clash Royale Best Deck – Secrets Of Victories

We all know how Clash Royale can be amusing, but we also know how difficult it can be to get a proper deck. Here, you will be able to see the Clash Royale best deck. We will also include several others, just because we believe that you should combine them accordingly to your position, situation, and level. Anyway, with these decks, you will become a much better player.

clash royale best deck

Clash Royale Best Deck – Deck 1

This deck is well-known for strength and well-balanced units. It is also one of the more common decks in the game, so it deserves a special attention. In order to collect it, you will have to pair:

  • Level 6 barbarians
  • Level 6 spear goblin and goblins
  • Level 3 goblin hunt
  • Level 1 witch
  • Level 4 giant
  • Level 2 baby dragon

The average elixir is 4.1 and a player should be 5th or 6th level. The deck in question is superb when it comes to the balance. It is ideal for different gamers, who want to play offensive and defensive at the same time. Another reason why we believe it is one of the best decks is the fact it allows you to perform fake lane attacks with Goblin Hut. But, you will also get a lot of the elixir, which will allow you to deploy some more severe units. Start slowly and pay attention to the cards your opponent has. Then, adjust the deck correspondingly.

Deck 2

This is the best deck for those who like fighting on two lanes. It is also perfect when it comes to defense. You will need:

  • Level 7 goblins and spear goblin
  • Level 4 barbarians hut
  • Level 4 goblin hut
  • Level 5 musketeer
  • Level 2 witch
  • Level 4 giant
  • Level 3 baby dragon

The average elixir, in this case, is 4.3 and a player must be 6th or 7th level. As we already mentioned, it is perfect for players who prefer defense. We also liked it because deploying witch, a baby dragon and spear goblins will actually give you a powerful unit-combo. Keep in mind that you won’t get plenty of elixir, so be ready to attack once it reaches 10. By doing this, your opponent will be surprised by the attack, so he won’t be able to act properly. He will also have less elixir than you, so your win is guaranteed.

Deck 3

If you are looking for a deck that can help you get 1900 trophies or more and certain victory, this is the one. First of all, this is a level 8 deck, so you will need some time to reach it. But, once you do, you will see the full power of it. You will need:

  • Level 4 musketeer
  • Level 4 giant
  • Level 7 knight
  • Level 7 archer
  • Level 7 goblins
  • Level 7 minion horde
  • Level 57 arrows
  • Level 2 witch

Place a giant behind any of your towers and place musketeer close to him, for reinforcing. In a case your opponent decides to attack you again, make sure you use your arrows. The knight is definitely something to use versus Prince. If you still have some problems with winning you might want to use some Clash Royale Cheats to help you a bit.

Best Clash Royale Deck: To Sum Up…

What is your favourite clash royale best deck? Let us know in the comments!

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