Clash Royale Private Server – Play The Game Without Any Limitation: 2017 Update

Clash Royale has more than 20 million players, so it is obviously one of the most popular games today. It may be difficult, or almost impossible to make improvements of the game, at least many players thought so. But, there is one upgrade that simply must be tried. It is known as Clash Royale private server and it truly makes a lot of differences. After all, improving something that is already excellent is hard, but possible.

clash royale private server

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How to play the Clash Royale private server?

At the beginning, we mentioned that all you have to do is to install the file and you will be able to play on the private server. The process is almost identical for Android and iOS users, but we will still explain in detail both of them. Before everything, we must add the fact that the latest update allowed to smartphone users, with un-rooted and non-jailbroken devices to play the game! The app is even more stable than the one used for rooted/jailbroken devices.

In order to play the game on Android smartphones, you will have to:
1. Download the game file FHX.
2. Check Unknown Sources on your device. It is located in settings/ security. Confirm the selection.
3. Install the game file.
4. Log in.
5. Enjoy.

clash royale private server download apk fx

For iOS users:
1. Install the game file.
2. Run it.

If the game disconnects you will have to change DNS address.
1. Go to settings/Wi-Fi.
2. You will see a small ‘’I’’ letter in blue color. Click on it.
3. Replace the primary DNS with:
For Europe:
For the United States:
For Asia:

The disconnecting issue occurs in less than 10% of cases, but we still want to eliminate it completely. Once entered, DNS address will allow you to play the game without any restrictions or time limits. Make sure the game is completely closed when you change the DNS addresses!

run clash royale private serverThe introduction of Clash Royale private server

In essence, the Clash Royale private server is a modified game file. It is available for Android and iOS users, so all of them can experience useful improvements of the game. As every other file, all you have to do is to install it, but we will be more focused on this process later. The simplest way you can get a complete idea what is the Clash Royale private server is to download and play it. We will just tell you that this is a game with all-new possibilities.

If you want to know more precisely what the Clash Royale private server is, we will tell you that it is a heavily modified game file. Over 40% of the code has been modified by developers. These modifications were made in order to remove all the limitations of the game and to add a complete set of new features. The engine of the game is slightly modified, making it perfectly stable for all users. The user interface is the same, meaning that there is no transition period needed for players who will move from original Clash Royale.

It is important to say that the latest update of the private server app has been focused on stability. All the bugs have been eliminated, so now you can play in perfect harmony as long as you want. This matter is more important for iOS users, who may have experienced some issues during the last year. With our 2017 update, the app is 100% stable and bug-free even for iDevice users.

Unlimited resources for unlimited fun

The first and the most important advantage the Clash Royale private server has to offer are free, unlimited resources. You will get unlimited amounts of:





This is probably the main reason why you should consider private server, rather than an official game. While playing Clash Royale, you will have to spend a huge amount of time making money, generating elixir and accumulating gems. All of this makes the entire game more complicated and the entire progress slower. In other words, you will need far more time to reach the same achievements in the official game than in the Clash Royale private server. Let’s just add the fact that you’re playing and your strategy will depend on your economic capabilities. If you collect more coins and elixir, you will be more successful; if not, you will lose. This isn’t the main point of Clash Royale. It should be about proper strategy and proper card usage. That’s why the private server is simply a much better alternative.

As soon as you start playing the game, all resources will be available to you, without any restrictions. It means that you can begin developing your army, your troops and your strategy a few minutes after you log in, compared to an official game where you need hours and even days!
Unlimited resources give you limitless access to the cards and troops as well. All other players have the same advantages, so battles are going to be more interesting than ever, simply due to the fact they will include more troops, better defenses and more powerful cards.

Elixir will be automatically generated also. We all know that this resource is essential for proper cards usage, allowing you to perform much stronger and therefore more successful attacks. No matter how often you use it, it will always be fully generated and kept at the highest level.

Unlimited chests

Chests are an important aspect of Clash Royale. The only issue with them is their number. There are not enough of them. You probably know that they are used to generate coins, get your cards and upgrade your existing ones. In order to open it, you will have to wait for a longer period of time (depends on a chest), or to collect a high number or some asset, like crowns for example (needed to open crown chests).

The Clash Royale private server eliminates this restricting as well. After you have downloaded out the file and installed it, you will enter a completely new gameplay where chests are easily available to you. You know by now that coins and other resources from the chests are not needed because you already have unlimited resources. However, cards and other items from chests are needed!
A free chest is given to you each 4 hours, even when you are offline. But, in an official game, you can store only 2 of them, which will be opened when you are online. In Clash Royale private server the unlimited number of chests can be stored and therefore opened once a player login.

We mentioned that the true power of chests is in the cards. Common cards are 10 times more likely to get than rare cards, while epic ones are 200 rarer than rare ones. In other words, each chest is important, because it can carry a rare or even epic card. It is the ultimate way to make your troops stronger in any way possible.

Three types of cards are buildings, spells, and troops. Each one comes from just one category and it offers corresponding capabilities. The main thing is the fact each player should collect as many cards as possible. They are simply the only way to position troops. All cards regardless of their type and class can be obtained from chests, as we already have mentioned or bought with gold. Because with modified game file all players have unlimited gold, buying cards is extremely simple. It is possible to acquire all the cards in a couple of hours, literally transforming a player from beginner to expert. In official game, weeks, even months are needed for achieving equivalent progress.
Types of chests available in the Clash Royale private server is the same as in the official game, meaning that players can get silver, giant, golden, magical and even super magical chests! Magical and super magical are the most productive ones. They bring the best items, cards, and assets in the game, making them difficult and expensive to get. With free resources and with unlimited chests, players can stay focused on the gameplay and battles.

Friendly battles are now possible

According to the online survey, many Clash Royale players like friendly battles. In general, these are battles versus members of the same clan. The official game doesn’t allow them. Luckily, the Clash Royale private server does.
Each player can attack any member of the same clan at any given moment. The rules of the battles are the same as for enemy-related conflicts. Because all players have mentioned benefits, friendly battles are just another source of fun. Recovery after an attack is simple and isn’t time-consuming.

The feature is especially useful to new players who want to get an idea of tricks and want to know how to improve their skills. On the other hand, we have players who will attack their teammates without a reason, which makes the entire gaming more realistic. It is unclear who your allies and who your enemies will be.

No lag

Official Clash Royale has millions of gamers, as we said at the beginning. Despite the fact Supercell is increasing their server capacities, a high number of new players require far more hosting power. As the side effect, we get lag, or later response while playing. In severe battles, this issue may have a catastrophic effect and it is very annoying.

The Clash Royale private server doesn’t have lag, simply because the server capacities are much higher than the demand of players. Thanks to this, each action and each request is processed instantly, without one second of lag.
A related advantage that must be mentioned is faster gameplay. Controls, moving, deploying and other actions in the game are much faster than in the official game.

Additional features available

If you want more from Clash Royale private server you get. Besides all the features we have mentioned, you also get:
Jungle arena has been added.

New troops are available. The addition includes Executioner, Goblin Hunt and much more. All of them are very powerful and make gaming more interesting.

Crown Duel.

All of these features have just one purpose, to make the entire game more gaming-focused. Adding them, but at the same time eliminating the limitations had a huge effect on battles and gaming in general. New troops are definitely something that should be tried. Gamers who are proficient in Clash Royal, the official game will appreciate this addition, because they can play the game for a longer period of time. It will be like playing a different game.


Players don’t have to worry about resources.
Elixir is always generated and available.
New troops make the entire game more appealing.
There is no lag.
Friendly battles make gaming more realistic.
The game will work on non-rooted and on non-jailbroken devices.


Not collecting resources may become boring.

You must use new troops because they are very powerful, so standard ones won’t be so effective against them.
Jungle Arena is all about luck.

Clash Royale Private Server – Summary

Clash Royale private server is definitely an interesting alternative to new and proficient players. Beginners will learn how to play without stress and get a complete idea about the game in a matter of hours. Experts will try new features and enjoy in new features. Think of this game as an upgrade of the official Clash Royal and you will understand its full potential. Nevertheless, the main and therefore the most popular benefit include free resources. Thanks to it, gamers can stay focused on their battles and card collecting rather than on coins and elixir, which simply isn’t the point of the game. Now, with an upgraded interface and with all, new features we mentioned, the Clash Royale private server is simply perfect. It is developed for those who will appreciate and who have needs for all the features mentioned here. An interesting fact is that in a battle between a player who plays on a private server and the one who plays an official game, the end result is always the same. The official game player always loses.

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