How To Be Good At Clash Royale? Tips & Strategies To Improve Your Playstyle

Do you want to know how to be good at Clash Royale? Of course, you do. This is a popular game with a lot of features, impressive gameplay, and interesting capabilities. All of this also makes it complicated, so for beginners and those who want to become better, these tips are mandatory. By following them, you will make your gaming much better and you can expect a lot of victories, finally.

how to be good at clash royale

How To Be Good At Clash Royale

Here are few tips & tricks to help you improve your game experience.

  • A balanced deck is a must

Even if you have the strongest deck, but it consists of just one type of units, you are doomed. A deck must be balanced. Keep in mind that having just ground-based or short-range units won’t get you anywhere. A perfect deck must be perfectly balanced, so include long-range units, splash units and etc.

  •  Combine the units

If you just send a unit or you keep sending units solo, you won’t make any achievement. All of them will be destroyed as soon as possible. The key is to combine the units in order to get the strongest formation. There are a lot of examples, such as Hog Riders and Ice/Fire Spirits and goblins. Pair these three and you will get a strong army.

  •  Must have tower-attacking units

Some units are developed specifically for attacking towers. You must use them. The more the merrier, but one is enough in most cases. This has a huge effect on the opponents’ towers and can actually make a difference in gameplay.

  • Always use spells

Spells are the real power in Clash Royale and they are definitely something that can help you win, every single time. There are a lot of different spells, so we cannot discuss all of them, but there are some interesting ones. The freeze does what the name suggests. All the enemy units will be unable to move for a few seconds. Zap will make the enemy units weaker and stunned.

  • The power of distraction

Distraction has an important role nowadays, in real life. But, it is also important in the game. It is needed when a powerful unit is heading towards your tower. The only solution would be to destroy it somehow. When you cannot do this, you should place a weak and cheap unit in the middle of the battlefield. This will distract the powerful unit and give you time to destroy it.

  • Always play with audio on

You won’t be able to make any progress when the audio is off. This is a mandatory tip that every single professional gamer will tell you. The secret is in listening to your enemy and the unit movement. The best option is the headphones.

  • Don’t rush, play smart

As you may believe, rushing things doesn’t do any good. In the Clash Royale, the situation is the same. Once you make a significant progress, you will notice that everything looks simple. Still, keep an eye on your towers and make sure they are protected while the clock is ticking. You can always try Clash Royale Hack to generate some resources.

How To Become The Ultimate Clash Royal Player

Video below concludes our guide to how to be good at clash royale, hope you learned new strategies and now you’ll never lose again! See you in game!

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